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ARGO Restaurant, nestled in a distinct corner of Haraki Bay, Rhodes, is fine dining at its best.

From the quality seafood, the expert service, the fantastic view, to the extensive wine list,
ARGO offers one a superb experience of Greek cuisine.

The atmosphere is incredible, and one is sure to create unforgettable moments at the ARGO

With many years experience in the secrets of gastronomy and service.
Argo is proud to offer an excellent selection of seafood dishes and many more.
We invite you to try the lobster pasta and the coveted ARGO pasta.
Fresh fish,lobster and craw fish,chosen by you from our specially built aquariums in the rocks.
Enjoy eating in the most idyllic settings on the island.
A voyage to a place created especially for you,on the rocks of pictureque bay of haraki rhodes.
Discover the original seafood restaurant at anytime for any occasion….